Construction Update May 2018


2017 was a year of tremendous progress, albeit mostly underground.

The “Big Dig” was accomplished and most of the underground utilities installed. You may recall that when we purchased the building, because the balance of the plant was being demolished, all of the utilities to our section were demolished also. We had no water, no sewer, no gas, no electrical — absolutely nothing. We had to replace it all and most of that took place in 2017.

Looking ahead, Spring and Summer of 2018 will be dedicated to finishing most of the remaining connections for the utilities to the building, including gas and most likely potable water, fire line water, and sanitary sewer. Other utilities were connected in 2017.

If other work allows, early summer is planned to be dedicated to power washing and painting the interior as well as beginning to work on concrete and asphalt in the parking areas and drives close to the building.

This summer, we hope to begin work on the new floor and installation of some pieces of the heating system and the electrical distribution system.

As we have learned from past experience with this site, unknown and unplanned for conditions can quickly bring about changes in our plans and schedules, and as always, how much work we accomplish depends heavily on fundraising.

Thanks to you, we have accomplished a great deal since 2015. The building is ours, easements and operating agreements finalized, Ypsilanti Township Planned Development Stage I completed and PD State II submitted. The building has been closed up, cleaned out, portions re-roofed, exterior painted, and many items were installed including new walls on the North and West, a huge new hangar door, permanent electrical service, a new storm water system with connections all the way from the roof, long utility runs (some in excess of 2,000 ft.), new potable water pipes and fire hydrants. Additional work completed included detailed inspections, installation of surface runoff system of swales and culverts for the parking and drive areas, and more survey work.